Zen Gardens, also known as Japanese Rock Gardens or Dry Landscape Gardens, were classically created at temples of Zen Buddhism. Intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature and were places where people meditated about the true meaning of life and found their inner peace. Mini Zen Gardens or Desktop Zen Gardens are designed to recreate the dry landscape gardens of Japanese Zen Buddhism on a small scale to be enjoyed in your home or office.

Find your inner peace with your own Mini Zen Garden. If you are stressed from everyday life, and can’t make a trip to Japan or afford your own real garden then escape distracting noises and thoughts by meditating, decluttering your mind and soul, and releasing built up stress with one on your desktop. All the reasons why the office is the ideal place for your Mini Zen Garden.

Zen gardens are usually composed of gravel, sand and rocks. However, they can also include small bushes and water features. Every element has a specific symbolic meaning, which makes Zen gardens so unique.

SAND AND GRAVEL Symbolize water – purity, emptiness and distance.

RAKING The act of raking the gravel or sand into patterns represents waves or rippling water. Raking is meant to help practice concentration. Perfect lines are not easy to achieve so it’s a great way to meditate and develop patience. Developing variations in patterns are inspiring and a creative challenge.

ROCKS AND STONES Stone arrangements symbolize mountains, islands, rivers and waterfalls. Stones could be shaped into a boat or a living creature like a turtle. Group of stones could even symbolize a crane in flight. In short,
stones can symbolize the meaning you give to them.

MINI ZEN GARDENS RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY One of the most important benefits of Mini Zen Gardens is stress relief. By raking sand and arranging the stones, you immediately start to relax. Repetitive movements help focus on the present and forget the past and the future. This way you get to escape your busy life and stress whenever you want – even in your office while taking a break. Meditation in general is a great way to manage anxiety and stress.

IMPROVE MEDITATION SKILLS Meditating with desktop Zen Gardens can help you achieve wider perspectives. You could practice meditative breathing and try to empty your mind. Eventually you will notice that your mind will quiet itself on its own.

ENHANCE CREATIVITY You can stimulate your creativity with Mini Zen Gardens. Meditation improves divergent thinking and a fertile inner space in which new ideas can emerge and flow. Habitual use of Zen Gardens can also assist in problem-solving and practicing mindfulness.

INCREASE FOCUS, DISCIPLINE AND CONCENTRATION A mini Zen Garden on your desktop is a constant reminder of staying focused and dedicated. Meditation helps improve your patience and self-control.

ENHANCES BEAUTY, FLOW AND BALANCE IN YOUR DECOR The Japanese concepts of Kanso and Fukinsei, simplicity and asymmetrical balance, contribute to Mini Zen Gardens’ grace and appeal. Zen Gardens improve feng shui in your home. There are Mini Zen Garden kits for every taste and decor; from a basic desktop garden to very detailed and extremely beautiful artistic designs.

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